Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FEELing :(

its been awhile since my last post..

lately...ive got a lot of work to do...
a lots of things to be prepare for entering University..

lot of form to be fill
lot of place to go
lot of money to find

university fee need to be settle before registration..
 ouh damn !
where shud i find da money?

everytime i look at someone face !
ouh damn !
he's so worried..
maybe he's thinking bout the way to find the money for me..

i feel down..
such a troublemaker??

ouh really..
dun noe wat to do right now..

~feeling like crying everytime i see AYAH~
~feeling like crying when i think wat ive done to him~
~feeling like crying when ive caused so many trouble to my family~


Anonymous said...

im crying.
its oke,kate org ssh-ssh dlu, bsenang kmudian.

jannah.ayub said...

but..its been so many time ive given them hard time.. :(